Sunday, 16 February 2014

Love Is ....

Donna at Redhead Babyled has tagged me in My Petit Canard's Love Is ... meme. Here is what Love Is to me ...

Love is....

  • Listening to the same story for the 5,786th time in a row and still hanging on their every word.
  • Agreeing that you're wrong, when you know that you're right.
  • Not needing to have the last word....... Well, not out loud.
  • Listening to his Hawkwind collection without screaming.
  • Always having the time.
  • Never having to say you're sorry. But saying it anyway.
  • Being there.
  • Remembering that those annoying little habits were once endearing little foibles. And putting the axe down.
  • A mutual fan club
  • Mostly a squishy noise.

I hope this has been helpful to anyone in any doubt what love is. 


This is love, this is...

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