Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Confession ...

Alright, I admit it. 

I did it.

 I did post a bare, naked #nomakeupselfie to Facebook.

It got quite a reaction. More of a reaction than if I'd published a bare, naked full-length selfie if I'm honest. But then it wasn't my selfie that caused a minor internet meltdown. Well. Not just mine.

Although hashtagged #breastcancerawareness and inspired by the Escentual Dare to Bare challenge, the #nomakeupselfie wasn't officially linked to any campaign. With no fundraising mechanism or target in mind, the #nomakeupselfie was dismissed as a social media Chinese whisper that would achieve nothing at all.

Over the next 24 hours, Cancer Research UK received over £1million in donations and Macmillan, if my own Facebook timeline is anything to go by, were getting donations too. What started off as a Chinese whisper became a British call to arms. People gave and they keep giving. 

That's good.

TeenTwin2, social media maven that she is, was the first to bring the then-not-a-phenomenon to my attention by tagging me in her own #nomakeupselfie on Tuesday.

"You have to do it Mum," she said at tea-time, "It's important."

"But why is it important? How's it going to help anyone?" I asked (like most people on the internet did) while juggling too many sausages and a seven year old boy (which they weren't).

"It's to raise awareness" she said.

"Awareness?" I said.

"Awareness." she said firmly.....

And it has raised awareness if the spontaneous giving to cancer charities is to be believed.

It also raised her own, her twin sister's. And mine. Over the past couple of days we have, without a snigger or a blush, talked about breasts, the importance of checking them. and how to check them.

And, you know what, that's good too.

No make-up selfies
Our #nomakeupselfies

We made a donation to Cancer Research UK. You can too. Make a donation here or Text BEAT to 70099 and donate £3.

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  1. Yay you! I posted a piccie of me too. as i never wear makeup, I wore my hair down instead, as it's always up ;-)
    It has def helped raise awareness for cancer research, and more people like me have donated our £3, due to this campaign!
    You and your daughters are all beautiful btw xx


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