Saturday, 8 March 2014

International Women's Day 2014 ... A Day for #LastingChange

Today is International Women's Day and to mark the occasion I'm lucky enough to share the story of not one but four inspirational women.

This is Joyce, a poultry farmer from Tanzania. Through mentoring and training from The Gatsby Trust funded by Sports Relief, Joyce has been able to expand her business from just a few chicks to over 300. She's even been able to extend her property and is waiting the arrival of another 400 chicks next week.

The training that Joyce received from The Gatsby Trust means she can make her own chicken feed therby saving herself money, and she's also been taught how to recognise disease in the chicks so she can keep her clutch completely healthy.

Other poultry farmers in the area now turn to Joyce for advice and training and consequently an entire network of women poultry farmers have been given the power to broker deals with supermarkets and are able to promise a constant supply of product. Something neither Joyce nor the other farmers would have been able to do on their own.

Joyce is supporting her family, paying for her son to attend boarding school and, as an entrepreneur, is creating a #lastingchange for other women and their families in Tanzania.

And it's all thanks to the funding from Sports Relief and the work of The Gatsby Trust.

This week, three more inspirational women flew to Tanzania to meet Joyce and other female entrepreneurs like her.

Annie, Tanya and Penny are the women behind Team Honk, three bloggers who in 2012 decided to do more for Sport Relief than just blog about it. Since then between them they've inspired hundreds of fellow bloggers to get together, get out and raise money for Sport Relief.

For Sport Relief this year bloggers up and down England are taking part in the Team Honk Relay carrying Mr B the baton the length and breadth of Britain from Lands End to John O'Groats. So far they have raised over £22,000 and the total is growing everyday.

That money will find it's way to help projects like The Gatsby Trust and more like it, empowering and educating women like Joyce all over the world to make a #lasting change for their future.

And if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is.

So how can you help these inspirational women? You could ..

  • RT, share and support any updates you see with the #lastingchange hashtag
  • DONATE You can help create #lastingchange by sponsoring #teamhonkrelay for Sport Relief.
  • GET INVOLVED Sign up for your local Sport Relief event here

And thank you for helping to create #lastingchange.

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