Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Gallery ... Adventure

I'm joining in with The Gallery this week and the theme is Adventure ....

The definition of adventure is:  "The participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises." Or "An undertaking of questionable nature." Or "Hazardous action of uncertain outcome." All of which cover our trip this weekend to see The Man at work.

The Man is in a band and, on Saturday night, the band were playing at Huddersfield Town Hall.  So I took the family along to see what Daddy gets up to when he's not at home losing his keys and looking for his phone.

And adventure it was...

TeenTwin1 brought her boyfriend, the Tween brought her phone (in case she got bored). The Boy brought his enthusiasm. He hit Excitement Level 12 at six o'clock and stayed there until one o'clock in the morning.

TeenTwin1 cried a bit with the emotion of it all (and tiredness), the Tween cried a bit with tiredness (and with the emotion of it all) and The Boy didn't cry once. But he did shout a lot. And run around a lot. And ate nearly all the Haribo I had brought with me as incentive, bribe and last resort.

But still, it was an adventure....

Man at work

I even introduced The Boy to the ancient tradition of the gig toilet selfie .... yeah, alright it's only my ancient tradition but still ....

And The Tween played the drums. Not that we knew she could play the drums. But apparently she: "HAS TO PLAY THEM IN MUSIC LESSONS" *huff* *stomp off* .... Oh.

But still. It was an adventure....

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  1. Wowee, The Man looks really great! Loving the pink lighting and brilliant that you could all share it together!!

  2. Fantastic, sounds like it was a great adventure indeed! #theGallery

  3. Your adventure sounds fantastic and I couldn't stop grinning at the gig toilet selfie!

  4. What a quirky adventure! Love the commentary!!!

  5. oh wow that looks like amazing fun! x


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