Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Piano Lesson ..

Sometimes amid the hustle and bustle of steering four children and one husband through their day without incurring injury, physical or mental, you have to take a minute to stop and pause. To see the beauty in a world that seems to be increasingly mad, and mostly full of washing.

Not the easiest thing to do while living in the middle of a city admittedly, but then sometimes you can find delight in the most unexpected of places.

This week I had to take the reluctant Tween to her piano lesson, a joy that usually falls to The Man because he can drive and the piano teacher is inconveniently situated at the other side of the city centre. I can't drive, *gasp* having much earlier in life decided never to be the designated driver if I could help it. Well: That, a complete lack of spatial awareness and an inability to tell my left hand from my right without a marker pen. You could say that I don't drive for the social good, and you'd be right.

So my mission was to get a reluctant, piano-lesson-despising Tween from Point A (Home) to Point B (Piano) in under 45 minutes. On a bus. Through a busy city centre. During the school run frenzy. Oh yes, and not forgetting to pick up The Boy from school. In the rain.

*waits at the school gates in the rain*

*taps foot*

*looks at watch*

Boy wanders out without his ruck sack.

Me: "Where's your rucksack?"

Boy, looks around vaguely, points hopefully back at the school: "I'll just go...

Me: " Leave it, leave it. We don't need it......"

*Runs for the bus stop*

Did I mention I have a twisted ankle? I have a twisted ankle.

*limps last 50 yards towards the bus stop*

And then the bus didn't come.


Another bus, one sulk, two strops and a fight over who is sitting next to who later, The Tween was deposited, sulking, at a piano. The Boy and I were left on the piano teacher's doorstep with nothing to do for the next half an hour, though the rain had stopped. Just.

With very little choice of where to go or what to do, we trudged through the streets before, walking down one of the mainest of main roads in the city, we spotted a squirrel over a wall.....


.....which  led us towards a church and it's graveyard. I do love a good graveyard, I do. And so we set to exploring.




... but not only did we explore: The Boy practiced his reading on the gravestone inscriptions with a little bit of geography thrown in. And history. And spelling. There may have been talk of the meaning and use of biblical quotations.


And a quick lecture in design and Victorians. And Victorian design. And Victorian death traditions. And Victorians. (I like Victorians)


AND a quick game of Hide and Seek. Well, he is only seven.

Spot the Boy
We were, to The Tween's high dudgeon and glowering contempt, five minutes late to collect her, happier and (one of us) grubbier than what we were when we dropped her off.  ....

Next week we're going to take her again. She's going to be thrilled*

*She isn't.


  1. nice photos! I remember planning to visit my father-in-law's grave but i totally forgot about it and I remember after reading your blog =) #countrykids

  2. Graveyards are interesting and sometimes beautiful peaceful places to visit so I can understand the attraction. I hope the piano lesson went well and next weeks run goes to plan! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a piano lesson despising tween! Although that's not strictly true - she likes the lessons, it's the practise that she doesn't want to so....


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