Friday, 18 April 2014

Close Encounters of the Squirrel Kind

The Boy has long dreamed of spotting a squirrel while out on a family walk but, the youngest of the brood, he's always the last of the four to spot the fluff of a tail in the undergrowth. The last to shout "SQUIRREL" at squirrel-deafening volume and the last to see said squirrel as it squirrels up the nearest tree wondering what the hell all the racket is about.

But this week as we walked around our city park because, like dogs, all eight-year-old boys have to be regularly exercised, we spotted not one squirrel, not even two squirrels but many, many squirrels. So many squirrels there wasn't even time enough to shout "SQUIRREL" before yet another squirrel hoved into view.

Note the squirrel's expression on the final picture
The squirrels living just a stone's throw away from the car park and bustling duck pond were not shy squirrels either. There was a certain amount of squirrelling away up trees but very much in a I'm-doing-this-for-me-not-you kind of way. 

They took an interest in us until they decided we were neither going to feed them, catch them or go away and then got on with doing what squirrels do

And that apparently involves quite a large amount of time sitting around and looking like squirrels.

They were very good at it.

And what else is there to do after a close encounter with many squirrels, but to make like a squirrel and climb a tree.

So we did.

Well, The Boy did. Me? Not so much*

Loving Thornes Park, Wakefield

*Not at all.


  1. I see.. you had a squirrelitis =P you meet them, fall for them and you emulate them.. hehe such funny post =) #countrykids

  2. I think there are more squirrels than ever around this year. Looks like a lovely day for spotting them, they must be very used to people as they have come close enough to capture some lovely photos. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  3. Squirrels are super cute! What fab photos, well captured! #countrykids


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