Monday, 14 April 2014

Listography ... Top 5 Photos of 2013

I'm joining in with KateTakes5's Listography challenge this week which is to share my top five favourite photos of 2013 ....

1. Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 
The Tween and The Boy, as they do, spent the afternoon bickering and complaining but .... as The Tween huffed, puffed and paused to remove a pebble from her entirely unsuitable shoes and The Boy stood next to her huffing and puffing at her to hurry up .... I took this.
It looks peaceful, it looks idyllic and it reminds me of a Pre-Raphaelite painting and I love it (even if I can still hear the huffing and puffing everytime I look at it) ....

2. The Tween in Roundhay Park, Leeds. 
It's hard work being a Tween, all the grumping and the stomping that you have to do. And the being glued to a laptop and talking only in Minecraft. But sometimes even the most dedicated Tween remembers her inner child, this is mine doing just that.

3. The Boy taking photos at The Hepworth.
There is nothing better than sharing something with your child and this shot encapsulates a joy shared with The Boy. Two of the wire models are ones we made in a workshop and this photo of The Boy taking a photo is when they were on display at the hugely prestigious and world famous Hepworth Gallery. This shot was captured on my phone because he'd run off with my camera.
I have now bought him his own camera.

  4. The Boy with Scooter.
Because The Boy had started treating my camera like his own (and because I really, really wanted a bigger, better camera) my parents gave me the best birthday present ever. This is one of the very first shots I took with the new camera.
Not the first obviously, that was of the floor.

And yes, he has forgotten to put his socks on *tuts*

5. Dinosaur!
It's not often you find a herd of dinosaurs in a church, but last summer we did.
The work of artist and former theme park designer Christian Christobal, the dinosaurs were briefly exhibited at Trinity Church, Ossett, last summer. This year we will be visiting them again at Christian's new attraction Dinosaur Discovery at Tong Garden Centre in Bradford. We can't wait.

These are my five favourite photos from 2013. to check out everyone else's
visit the Listography


  1. Some great photos! I really love your first one :-)

  2. Gorgeous pics - all of them. Can absolutely see why you picked them.


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