Thursday, 15 May 2014

50 Things Before 50, A Bucket List.

I am approaching one of THOSE milestone birthdays. The ones you can seem looming ahead for five years, pointing and laughing as you edge ever nearer. I am, I'm sad* to say, teetering on the very precipice of fifty with just six months lying between me and tumbling into the abyss.

Not that I feel 50 on the inside. On the outside? Well, that's an entire other blog post ....

But I have, because I can, put together a bucket list of things I would like to do before I reach the dizzying heights of the Big Five Oh

I thought, obviously, as I've only got until November, a limited budget and the rest of the family's, frankly quite selfish, needs to get on with their own lives, my bucket list should be realistically scaled.

And then I thought: Bugger that...

A Bucket List; 50 Things Before 50 

Disclaimer: May contain things that might never happen

1: See the bottom of the washing basket.

2: Spend a whole day in pyjamas.

3: Actually own a pair of pyjamas.

4: Learn to belly-dance.

5: Go camping.

6: Stop sniggering at juvenile innuendos.

7: See England win the World Cup (see Disclaimer above)

8: Tom Jones.

9: Discover the secret of eternal youth.

10: Collect Penguin's Observer Books.

11: Become more tattooed.

12: Ride a horse again.

13: Remember birthdays............Oh.

14: Watch an entire James Bond movie without taking the p*ss

15: Find out who Kim Kardashian is...

16: ...And why.

17:  Learn Greek.

18: Go on a pub crawl.

19: Embrace my inner hippy.

20: Understand Google+

21: Not care what anybody thinks.

22: Learn to crochet.

23: Drink ALL the wine...

24: And the gin

25: And the vodka.

26: Don't die.

27: Dance naked in the rain (Again).

28: Visit the penguins.

29: Stop squealing anytime anybody remotely attractive appears on TV.

30: Wear comfy shoes.

31: Be Beyonce for a week.

32: Plant Delphiniums

33: Some yoga.

34: Defrost the freezer.

35: Finish this blogpost.

36: Win the lottery

37: Remember to buy a lottery ticket.

38: Stop judging people on the thickness of their leggings.

39: Be able to resist a bargain I don't need.

40:  Understand.

41: Dave Grohl.

42: Twerk.

43: Wear a pinny.

44: Re-read The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, give up on The Silmarillion after the first chapter. Again.

45: Learn to sing.

46: Swim a mile..... not necessarily all at once.

47: Always know where whatever it is, is.

48: Don't panic.

49: Go to the zoo.

50: Remember not being 50.

So there you have it.

*Stares 50 in the face*

*Gets on with it*

*sorry/ abysmally depressed/ fucking devastated/ too p*ssed

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