Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Walk in the Park

It's time for the Tots100 Center Parc's May Blogger Challenge and Rich Heath, Center Parc's own resident photographer, has been sharing his top tips to capture family fun in the great outdoors. Why not, says Rich, get out and see what nature is living on your doorstep. So we did.

In Wakefield there is a large park just five minutes away from the city centre. Thornes Park boasts a rose garden, conservatory, lake, sports tracks and fields, playgrounds, a much loved (by The Boy) miniature steam railway and, of course, the bandstand where I honed my festival throwing skills.

It also has an abundant amount of wildlife lurking in the undergrowth too (not all of it befuddled music fans left over from last year's festival, either) as we discovered when we set out to explore.

Obviously exploring always involves climbing a tree or two ....

..before getting stuck into the job in hand and seeking out some of the local wildlife.

We looked ...

and we looked.

Then, up in a tree, we spotted one of the resident squirrels eyeing our progress with interest....

...until she realised we weren't going to join in with her tree climbing games and went off to have lunch instead.

More tree climbing practice needed I think.

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 May challenge, if I'm chosen I would like to visit Whinfell Forest in the Lake District. 
(They have red squirrels!)


  1. Wow! How close did that squirrel let you get, they normally run from my girls!

    1. This is Yorkshire, where men are men and squirrels are not scared :)


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