Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brotherly Love ....

It can be hard work being the youngest of four and even harder being the only boy, but from the moment he was born The Boy established a special place in the heart of TeenTwin2 and she, in his.

She was ten-years-old when he was born and immediately became his spare mummy; always happy to nurse him, feed him, play games or, even (in front of the appalled faces of his other sisters) change his nappy. 

The Boy is eight now and has found his place in the family as the only boy and the youngest of four. He keeps one sister for fighting with and one for playing games with, but TeenTwin2 he keeps for cuddles and for kisses.

This is my entry into the Scottish Mum Blog/ Specsavers competition.

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  1. I love this post , its lovely how siblings within a family have such different relationships , thank you for linking up to show your blog off


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