Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Return of The Prom Diaries..

Two years ago I suffered the highs, the lows, the ups, the downs and the ever occurring traumas of the TeenTwins' Year 11 Prom, you can read all the gory details of that experience here.

I thought I survived the Year 11 Prom bravely, apart from a slight twitch and a tendency to cry if shown a sequin. I thought I wouldn't have to go through the experience again until The Tween reaches Year 11, which isn't for a few years yet. I was wrong.

Because it turns out there's a Year 13 Prom too.



But the Year 13 Prom is an entirely different chicken in a basket to the Prom that went before

The Year 11 Prom was all about big, expensive, sparkly dresses, shopping for dresses, endless changing rooms and saleswomen with shark smiles. It was about big, expensive, shiny limos with glitter balls and a plastic glass of Lambrusco. Oh, and having a date who'd learned to eat with a knife and fork and mastered walking without dragging their knuckles along the floor.

But all that is far too infra dig for a Year 13 Prom.

The Year 13 Prom is all and only about how much and how many different varieties of alcohol an 18 year old (and the 17 year olds borrowing someone else's ID) can consume in one night.

Obviously the dresses are still important though. Just much shorter.

So just in case you were wondering, this is how a Year 13 Prom goes:

Year 13s meet at the pub for Pre-Prom Drinks then move on to Prom Cocktails. There's Drinks with Dinner and After Dinner Drinks. Then After Dinner Drink drinks and Trying To Outdrink The Teachers drinks. But when the Prom ends, the drinking does not.

Oh no.

Because then you have to have After-Prom-Drinks and drinks Because-it's-after-the-Prom and Ooh-lets-go-to-a-club drinks. And Free-because-somebody-knows-the-bar-staff drinks. And then Somebody-who-nobody-has-ever-met-before-bought-a-round drinks. And Let's-have-another drinks. And One-for-the-road drinks. And then the Can't-remember-which-road drinks.


..........And that sounds like my kind of Prom.

*Wistful look*

Off t'Prom

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  1. love both your dresses! wheres the black one with the peacock sequin feathers from i love it so much xxxx


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