Thursday, 26 June 2014

School's Out For Ever.....

The Year 12 Prom
The TeenTwins have finished their exams, handed in their course work, had forms signed in triplicate and finally, totally and for the very last time left the school building.

It's been emotional and there have been a few tears it can't be denied, but mostly mine because I do get emotional at endings (and beginnings as it goes). The TeenTwins on the other hand think it a blessed release.

They're not leaving education. Both of them, exam results, UCAS points and all gods willing, are hoping to go to university. They're planning on going to different universities in different towns too which will be a whole new big, scary, exciting, frightening, thrilling adventure. But that's still months away and a distant dream they're not prepared to believe might be true. Not just yet.

So school is not just out, it's over and done with. The TeenTwins are currently celebrating the end of A levels on a holiday with three girlfriends in sun-drenched Cala d'Or and probably aren't too convinced that they've just experienced what are meant to be the best years of their lives.

But me? I'm feeling nostalgic for a phase of life that has passed and gone. Their schooldays, even if they don't feel like the best years of the TeenTwins' lives, were definitely some of mine. They made me extraordinarily proud from the first days in school when they were both put on the Gifted and Talented Register and adored by their teacher as much as they adored her in return.

Every school year since they've made me prouder still; every school report a glowing testament to enthusiasm and ability, every teacher their biggest fans, and all and any exams passed with the minimum of fuss at the maximum of their ability. They've also done it with enthusiasm, enjoyment and determination against a backdrop of ever changing educational guidelines and a particularly rigid uniform policy.

If it wasn't for four days stolen for a term-time holiday way back before laws were laws, TeenTwin1 would have completed her entire secondary school education without missing a day. And yes, I do feel bad about that. She might even have got a trophy, if the academy did trophies

It's not all been a blanket of gold stars of course: there's been fall outs and fall overs; bullies and boyfriends and, sometimes, boyfriends who are bullies; distractions, disturbances, and dramas; frustrations, fights and some huge fibs. After school clubs are NEVER held in a park's playground, I know that for a fact.

Over their school years, I've cried enough buckets to stem a drought. Through assemblies, nativities and the Year Six school production. Through TeenTwin1 performing Shakespeare at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and when she sang 'Beautiful' beautifully, alone in a spotlight, on a stage, aged 12. Through all TeenTwin2's drama productions where she shines like the star that she is. At every report time (three a year) and every exam results day.

Obviously I'll be getting an extra large bucket for A level results day.

It has, all in all, been a massive education, at least for me. The TeenTwins you'll have to ask in a few years time..... if they ever come back from Cala d'Or.

Disclaimer: This post was only possible because the TeenTwins are in Cala d'Or and will never find out how proud of them I am, because then they would be unbearable. Shh....

Not My Year Off


  1. Aww what an emotional time! End of an amazing era! I have all this to come :) #weekendbloghop (Amy from 2boys1mum)

  2. I am not surprised that you are so proud of them. Good luck for August for them both.


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