Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Bee-parazzi

There are 267 species of bee in the UK, a number that has been steadily declining since 1900. Over a quarter of those 267 species are currently under the threat of extinction. This is, even if you don't like the merest hint of a buzz in the air, a bad thing.

I, on the other hand, do like bees and go around actively planting bee-attracting plants much to the dismay of the rest of the family who like bees but not so much they want to share the garden with them on a regular basis through the summer months. They've stopped complaining though, mainly I suspect because they don't want the Why We Should Like Bees* lecture again. *Sighs*

Also, they can get away with murder as long as they don't disturb the bees when I'm holding a camera because I am, I admit, a member of the bee-parazzi. The bee-parazzi is just like being a member of the paparazzi, except one of us points the camera at a useful member of society and the other photographs celebrities. Though, admittedly, both pursuits involve an awful lot of lurking around bushes.....

So here are some entirely gratuitous bee-parazzi shots of bees innocently going about their business ...



But there's always someone who takes exception to having a camera stuck in their face ....

... Must be Justin Beeber.

*runs away* 

*We should like bees because A: Honey. B: They pollinate 75% of the world's food and C: They're amazing.

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