Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Gallery ... The Longest Day

I'm joining in with The Gallery and this week Tara wants to know what we did with the Longest Day.

A Solstice sunrise
June 21st, the longest day, fell on a Saturday this year and it really did feel like the longest day. Mostly because I was awake to see both the sunrise and the sunset but mainly because I spent the hours in between with The Tween and The Boy.

I do enjoy spending time with The Tween, and I do enjoy spending time with The Boy but spending time with them together is not a challenge to be undertaken lightly or without a hard hat, earplugs and a bottle of gin. But on the Longest Day, for a short time at least, there was harmony, thanks to squirrels.

Both The Tween and The Boy like squirrels. Since we last visited the squirrels in the local park and saw someone giving a squirrel some nuts, they have both been just waiting for the opportunity to do the same so, on the Longest Day, we did.....

Feeding squirrels we learned, through trial and error, requires patience, no sudden movements, no jumping, shouting, shrieking or screaming. It could easily become my most favourite family activity if it wasn't for the finite amount of nuts one human being can carry to the park.

*Invests in a wheelbarrow*

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

This is my entry to The Gallery, go check out what everyone else did on the Longest Day.

"My work here is done..."
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. This is so sweet. Great captures. :) xx

  2. Amazing pictures! Can totally relate to you on not wishing to spend too much time with kids of this age together. My eldest and my daughter are the same age as your two (only the other way round). They fight like cat and dog and drive me insane. If I thought feeding squirrels would calm them down, I would be feeding squirrels every day!

  3. Love that last shot, such a nosy little creature


  4. My daughter would be so jealous if she saw these photos! They're great!

  5. Awww taming of the squirrel! That's hard work. We have a few in one of the park here and yes it takes time & patience to make them go to you =) #TheGallery

  6. Good heavens those squirrels are mighty tame. I suspect we miss out on this as we have a big lumbering dog with us at all times!

  7. It is a FAB looking web site ...Jodie ..What software are you using ..(Visual Studio 2012?) Is it free?

  8. Fab photos. I love squirrels but we've never managed to get so close, my daughter would be insanely jealous! #countrykids

  9. Squirrels have so much character and are such fun to watch, I love the way they cheekily take nuts and crisps. Great photos and not much Gin needed by the looks of things. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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