Thursday, 4 September 2014

The University Challenge ...

In a couple of week's time, life at Quirky Kook Towers is never, ever going to be quite the same again. It is, for a start, going to be ever so much quieter and quite a lot tidier because the TeenTwins are going away to university.

I know, of course, they'll be back. That every so often they'll tumble through the door laden with washing and aiming themselves straight at the fridge. But really, it just won't be the same.

The preparations for their leaving have been going on steadily since their exams in June, but only leapt into action mode when they got their (brilliant, let's not deny it) A level results and were both accepted at their first choice universities. 

Now in the final weeks and days before departure, their bedroom is awash with boxes and bags half packed. Need to do lists, things to get lists, and can't forget lists are strewn about. Posters are being removed from the walls. Soon we might even discover what colour the walls are painted.

The TeenTwins are, as to be expected, excited and anxious about the next big adventure in their lives. There's been the odd wobble or two; TeenTwin1 didn't get her first choice of university accommodation and TeenTwin2 abruptly realised she's going to miss the anciently silly family cat who is older than she is. And who, they wonder, is going to remove invading spiders? 

Otherwise, their days are filled with packing, plans, preparations and partying with their equally university-bound friends and it's only me who keeps shuffling off to have a quiet little cry in a corner.

know they're going to love university, they'll blossom and flourish and have the time of their lives. (I know I did). I suspect they might become unbearably unopinionated know-it-alls who turn up unexpectedly on the doorstep with inappropriate men (because I did that too). Or even worse, they might get involved in student politics.

Either way, I hope they discover passions and have dreams, big and bold, to aim towards like the shooting stars they've always been to me; my little bright lights, even in my dark hours. But they're not little anymore, and they're not really mine anymore. They are, very much, themselves and as one chapter closes, another opens full of excitement and adventure and really wild times. Oh, and lectures and hard work and studying and stuff. Obviously. *Coughs*

I am, I know, going to miss them like limbs suddenly gone. I will look for them and they won't be there, call for them and there'll be no answer. It will seem strange and odd and like something's wrong and, although they are ready for university, I'm not entirely sure I am.



  1. Aww bless ... I am sure you will make it through hunny your girls will do you proud and only be a phone call away x x

  2. Good luck! I can't imagine how you must feel, but I guess it comes to us all in the end. It must be even harder with two going at once.
    PS do you read Izzie Anderton? Her teenage twins went to university last year.

  3. This post made me feel slightly sad, at the thought that I too will have to loose (and I say that in the loosest sense - pardon the pun) my little ones to universities at some point. I can't imagine how you must be feeling, proud, excited and bereft at the same time. We are only caretakers to our children & I want them to grow up strong, independent and able to stand on their own two feet but I can't image them ACTUALLY doing it without me!! Best of luck & it sounds like you're approaching it with a very positive outlook.


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