Sunday, 2 November 2014

A Perspective on Whitby ...

Taking a holiday by the coast, in late October, in England, might sound like just the kind of hell on earth you need to get into the mood for Halloween. But not if you were, like us, spending half term in Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast.

We love Whitby. Since our honeymoon in 2005 (which we spent in Whitby, obviously), we have returned once or twice a year for either a weekend, a week or even longer, and whether it's October or August the weather does what it likes with little regard for the seasons. I always pack lots of jumpers and rainwear whatever time of year we visit, because I am English and a mother and can't help but pack for all eventualities.We rarely *crosses fingers* need them though, and this year was no exception, the end of October or not.

It rained a bit of course. What kind of British seaside holiday would it be if you weren't caught in a downpour and just had to take refuge in the amusements? Tell me that? But it only rained once or twice and with hardly any unrelenting Gothic desperation at all. Nevertheless the rest of the holiday the weather was, as we traditionalist holidaymakers like to say, glorious. 

And as holiday traditionalists we require certain things from our family holiday, as well as thumping rain and a clandestine trip to the amusement arcades.Though our requirements are not necessarily those of most people. For example we expect: a steam railway within spitting distance; shops; lots of shops; many, many shops; a crazy golf course for the annual family tournament; fish and chips, ice cream, a beach to walk on, and the sea and the sky to stare at to give us a little perspective on our lives.

Particularly after the annual crazy golf competition when some family members might need a little perspective, frankly.....

Whitby Harbour Wall
Getting some perspective... 

Luckily Whitby has all of these things, and not only that. The streets have the largest concentration of Goth shops in the northern Hemisphere (probably), handy if you're holidaying with a Teen going through the Black Bedroom Walls And Skulls phase, like they do. The ice-cream in the harbour comes in Gin & Lavender and the best fish and chip shop in town is tucked away in the back streets and never has a queue.

There are many reasons why we love Whitby and why we return year after year, these are some of mine .......

Whitby Abbey at dusk


Whitby Abbey

Whitby Harbour

Whitby, the bridge


The beach, Whitby at sunset

Whitby beach

Whitby Harbour


Streets of Whitby


Whitby pier

The sea, Whitby


Captain Cook and Whitby Abbey

The beach at Whitby


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