Monday, 17 November 2014

How Not to Date Women and How

Last week I wrote about the inane Dapper Laughs and his sordid approach to dating advice. This week, a petition to ban the Swiss-born American and self-acclaimed pick up artist, Julien Blanc from hosting his dating advice seminars in the UK has topped over 150,000 signatures. So far.

Like Dapper Laughs but without the excuse of being a created character, Julien Blanc calls himself "an international leader in dating advice"and can charge up to £2,000 for a "seduction class" where he "advises" grabbing women by the throat, isolating them from their friends, killing their pets, making threats, harassment and abuse as part of a winning seduction technique.

Julien Blanc infographic #howtomakeherstay
Julien Blanc recently posted this infographic, designed to help women recognise they are being abused, on his Twitter feed, relabelling it #Howtomakeherstay.

He is, if you'll forgive me, a misogynist, sexist fuckwit of a git. And he's pedalling his dubious, tainted and distasteful advice not just at the club-going 'lads' culture that Dapper Laughs enthralled, but at grown men who can afford to pay up to £2,000 to attend one of his sessions but should know a hell of a lot better....

But perhaps they don't.

Perhaps there are some actual men who are cast so adrift from both common sense and social interaction with the opposite sex, they truly believe dropping a couple of grand on a class that promises to give them the ability to effortlessly pick up women via emotional manipulation, threats, harassment, and abuse is a good life choice.

And if there are any men like that out there, can I just tell you: It's not.

Here's a little advice from the other side of the fence. You know, the one you are so desperately trying to get your leg-over.

Women, whatever their age, hair colour, cup, waist and shoe size, much prefer not to be threatened, abused or emotionally manipulated at any time, for any reason at all, and certainly not to make you look like the Big Man with all your mates.

Women are infinitely more likely to have a sexual relationship with someone who treats them with kindness and respect and at a time when they feel safe and unthreatened. Though some may insist on love as well.

Women are not a different species: you do not have to tame them, ensnare them or keep them in a cage.

Women are allowed to say no.

And that'll be two thousand pounds. Thank you.

*rolls all the eyes at all the men*


  1. Replies
    1. Well obviously not the ones I've already trained :)

  2. A new question for single women to ask every man who tries to chat them up: have you been to one of Julien Blanc's workshops? If the answer is 'yes', the correct response is to run a mile.


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