Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Always Something There To Remind Me .....

The TeenTwins are readying themselves for the return to university after the Christmas break. This apparently means catching up on the sleep that they'll miss while embracing the new term which, on current evidence, is all of it.

The few short hours that they actually are awake they go shopping, purportedly for essential items for university. In TeenTwin1's case this means buying up the entire contents of Primark because there isn't one in her university town. And although TeenTwin2 goes to university in a town that does have a quite a large Primark, she's been busy buying up what little TeenTwin1 has left behind because, well, why not.

At least when they do go back, I know there will always be something there to remind me of them ... because I was picking up hair clips and false nails from odd corners of the house for weeks last time they left.

There are some things I won't miss though.

I won't miss the constant whirring of the electricity meter as the national grid endeavours to keep up with their constant demands as they leech it's supply for their laptops, phone chargers, televisions, hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and the kettle producing a never ending stream of tea, none of it for me.

I won't miss the bathroom being transformed into a steamy, sub-tropical wonderland with damp towel stepping stones floating on a floor awash with bubbles or a surprisingly hirsute bath lurking in the corner sparkling with glitter from yet another Lush bath bomb.

I won't miss having to hide the wine.

Or the gin.

I won't miss having to get up a 4am to let someone in who has forgotten their key again. 

I won't miss the lengthy and continually recurring arguments about who has the most studying to do, how long an essay should be and whose course books are the most expensive course books in the whole entire world.

I won't miss the constant selfie taking. *Cough*

If you can't beat them, join them.

I won't miss the eye-rolling they don't think I see when I try to give them advice.

And I won't miss waiting on them hand and foot, day and night, because of their entirely mistaken impression that they're the guests in a hotel with 24 hour room service and no bills.

Oh. And the totally random obsession with pugs.

But I will miss them. Just as much as I missed them the first time they left for university last September.

*Searches for hair clips*

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