Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Things I Have Learned in 2014 ...

2014 was a bit of a landmark year at Quirky Kook Towers. The TeenTwins sat and passed their A levels and moved out to separate universities in different towns, Daughter3 graduated (with a proper cap and gown) from Year 8 and moved on to studying for her GCSEs and I? Well, I became 50 years old with only the bare minimum of kicking and screaming. *cough*

So what did I learn during the past 12 months? .....

1: Becoming 50 years old doesn't hurt that much, actually. Or at least it only hurts other people, when you punch them in the face for mentioning it out loud.

2: Being 50 is a continual source of hilarity for one's offspring. Apparently.

3: That universities are not at all like they were in my day. They actually expect students to study.

4: The Japanese for cool.

5: That I have a 'Bit of a Thing' for Neil Patrick Harris

6: ...And Hugh Jackman

7: ...And Harry Styles.

8: And that's perfectly acceptable because I can blame it on being 50 and having a mid-life crisis* Hurrah

9: How many hours can be wasted watching Les Miserables flash-mob videos on YouTube.

10: Never to shut a taxi door when one's finger is still inside it.

11: That an iPhone 5c's 8GB is never enough.

12: The vital importance of white eyeliner.

13: How to replace a toilet seat ....which is no mean achievement considering everyone else in the house can't even replace toilet roll without written instructions.

14: What happened to all the missing socks.

15: The number of separate parts that make up a Raleigh Chopper.

16: Never to give a mobile phone to a 13 year old without turning off data roaming.

17: ... And, coincidentally, how much Vodafone charges plus VAT for each and every MB over the data allowance. *Sighs*

18: How to make guacamole.

19: That I'm not as unshockable as I thought I was...

20: ... Or as cynical as some.

 *Stares hard at world*

What did you learn in 2014?

*I am not having a mid-life crisis

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