Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Cat Shaped Hole in the World ...

The cat as a kitten 1995
The cat has died.

And though a dead cat doesn't sound much reason, excuse or explanation for anything much, we are bereaved and so we grieve. 

So he might have had four legs and been covered in fur. So what.

He was family. A part of the daily routine. A someone else to be taken into consideration. Another mouth to feed. And worry about. Another voice to listen to. Someone to talk to.Who welcomed us home. Who cared for us. Who needed us. A comfort. A cuddle. A constant.

And for the children he was a constant. 

He was always there for them. Literally. Twenty years old when he died, he was little more than a kitten when the now-19 year old TeenTwins were born, He survived the assault course that was their early years with patience, pessimism and stoicism. And the arrival of Child3, and then, finally 4..

He never actually said: "Oh For God's Sake, not another one," because he was just a cat and cats don't speak, obviously. But it was more than eloquently expressed by the sashay of the swish of his tail as he exited the catflap before baby fingers snatched again at his fur.

He endured them, but they loved him nonetheless, And sometimes he would let them, stoically, with patience, and a throbbing purr buried deep within him.

He had a personality even though he wasn't a person but to us, of course, he was. A cat-shaped person and he leaves behind a cat-shaped hole in our world.

He liked his head scratching and his tail pulled.

He liked his catfood in jelly, but not gravy,

He hated every cat biscuit known to man, and cat (apart from one).

He didn't like milk.

He could sleep anywhere, and often, and did.

He could open the catflap even when it was locked.

He had a meow like a horror movie scream.

And we miss him.

Our cat is dead.

I know it doesn't sound much reason, excuse or explanation for anything much.

But it is.

Miss you Murphy Cat x

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  1. I'm so sorry he's passed on. It does matter, I felt incredibly sad cried buckets when my hamster died (and yes I got some odd looks) they're family and that's all. Much love x


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