Saturday, 21 February 2015

Teenage Tattoos: The Rules.

The TeenTwins have been threatening to get a tattoo since they passed the legal age to get one. Consequently mother/ daughter discussions have for the past 14 months ranged through the What and the Where and, slightly more often, through the Not That and Not There.

There has been, I'll be honest, moments of despair, incredulousness and sheer horror but then no-one want's a daughter with Jedward tattooed across her forehead*.

But it's hard to be overly judgemental arguing against making indelible marks upon a body when you have one on your own. "Everyone else has got one" is an easy one to deal with. "You've got one." Not so. Unfortunately.

I've had a lifelong fascination with tattoos. My father has my mother's name tattooed into a heart on his forearm and has had since he was a teenager. It's faded with the age of all the years they have been together but it's there still; a memory.

The memory might be my mother throwing her engagement ring at him because he'd got a tattoo of her name in a heart but still. Memories; you can't choose what they are. AND she married him anyway so ...

At college I made a special study of tattoos which sounds like I spent long hours sat on long-haired tattooed men's knees peering intently at their skin and, to be fair, it'd be right, but it was part of the studies that contributed to the Psychology Minor part of my degree. Honest. I got excellent marks too so I'm actually officially qualified to sit on rock star's knees. Just saying.

Eventually, at the grand old age of 29, I got a tattoo of my own. I wanted a blue butterfly. Had always wanted a blue butterfly. I walked into the tattoo parlour to get a blue butterfly. I got a red rose. I have no idea why.

A year later I added a daisy to the rose because in the intervening time I'd given birth to twins and to each of them those floral middle names. That the TeenTwins are were in complete ignorance that one of them was named because I had a suitable tattoo and the other because I didn't mind having another we will rapidly gloss over and get back to the Tattoo Rules. Because we have rules. We do.

These rules are in no way of any relevance to previous tattoos that might have been had by anyone involved in the setting of the rules.

Rule 1: No tattoos anywhere that can be seen by other people in everyday, normal life.
  As the TeenTwins everyday, normal life appears to involve wearing nothing more covering than a stylishly adapted popsock, this is a good rule.

Rule 2: No tattoos behind the ears, top of the neck, inner wrist , ring finger or foot.
  I don't care you think it can't be seen in everyday, normal life. I. Will. Know.

Rule 3: No names.

Rule 4: In fact no words at all.
  Spelling.. grammar... bad handwriting. SO many things that can go wrong.

Rule 5: No all black tattoos.
  Because that's so last year and the year before and before that  ...

Rule 6: Nothing designed by a friend.
  I've met your friends.

Rule 6: Think very, very carefully about what you are choosing to have tattooed into your epidermis for the rest of your life. Do not, under any circumstances, just turn up at the tattooist and randomly pick something else for no apparent reason.


This week the TeenTwins finally did go and get their very first tattoos.

They broke Rule 5 but what is life if you don't break a few rules in the making of it.  They had to be black though...

Black Cat TattooBlack Cat Tattoo

... because the TeenTwin's tattoos are tributes to the black family cat which might, I realise, not seem reason enough to some to mark one's skin forever but he recently died at the grand old age of 20.

The TeenTwins have spent all their years with him in their lives. They miss him and they don't want to forget him.  So now he's become a memory not to be forgotten, on their skin. A cattoo if you like....

I'm booking myself in for one next week.

*She was joking, I hope.

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  1. Excellent post and excellent reason for the twins' tattoos.


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