Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Dictionary of Teen: - Prinking...

There are many baffling moments in the parenting of teens without them developing entire new words to baffle you with as well, but they do it all the same. This is the first in an occasional series of  The Dictionary of Teen ... 

Prinking/ Prinks: 

The shortened form of pre-drinking/ pre-drinks, literally meaning to partake of alcoholic beverages with friends before going out for the evening.

Basically translates into having your dining room cluttered up with a mass of dubiously dressed teenagers getting stuck into as much cheap alcohol as they can lay their hands on or, even worse, the vodka you've hidden in the back of the cupboard in case of an emergency no gin situation. They continue to do this until they:

A) Go out clubbing
No club is worth being seen dead in until after midnight, apparently. But prinking can start at any time after 5pm.


B) Fall over.
Falling over and completely failing to get to the pub and/ or club is a common hazard of prinking but puts none of them off at all. Even the ones who probably won't get to see the inside of a nightclub until they're 33.

Teenagers claim that prinking is to save them from paying expensive pub and club prices for their drinks when they do eventually manage to get there, if they manage to get there..

In reality by the time they hit the club they're so boggle-eyed with four hours drinking and all your vodka, they'd cheerfully pay £300 for a thimbleful of  flat cider if someone told them it had a magic slug in it.

One of them will be copiously sick (all over a bus-stop, or a passing PCSO, or their girlfriend), one of them will get lost, one of them will fall out with everyone else, one of them will disappear with someone entirely unsuitable for an unsuitable length of time, and one of them will be crying about something though they can't remember what it is.

Not one of them will be able to remember a single thing about any of it in the morning.

The Dictionary of Teen

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