Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Dictionary of Teen: - Bae ...

There are many baffling moments in the parenting of teens without them developing entire new words to baffle you with as well, but they do it all the same. This is another in an occasional series of  The Dictionary of Teen ... 


Can easily be mistaken for the word 'Babe' as said by someone incapable of articulating the full word.This is an easy mistake to make, particularly if all previous communications with your specimen teenager have been conducted through a variety of grunts and sighs.  It is a sad fact that even a loquacious teen can't be expected to enunciate a whole word, complete with all existing consonants and vowels, until they are at the very least 19 years old.

Bae is ghetto slang and  stands for/ is short for/ means: Before Anyone and/ or All Else.

Bae is therefore be used in the exact same way as the word babe is,  as a term of affection and endearance for friends of the same or opposite sex.

For example, when your Teen says: 'Kennady is my bae.'

The correct answer is not: 'Who is your what?' 

But: 'That's nice, dear.'

Can also be used when talking about literally anything and everything else in the world.

For example: 'Food. Bae'

Translation:  'I like food before all else.'

Used frequently in Western Florida and, of late, in West Yorkshire. *Sigh* 

Bae is also Danish for poop. Just so you know.

The Dictionary of Teen

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