Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Gallery .. Black and White

I'm joining in with The Gallery this week and the theme is Black and White ...

Black and white photographs feel timeless. At first glance they look like small pieces of history whether taken years ago or yesterday ...

But there's sometimes the odd clue to tell if a shot is from the past or the present, if you look carefully enough ...

This is my contribution to The Gallery

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Check out everyone else's Black and White at Sticky Fingers


  1. Wow, what a set of great pictures. I love the old timeless feel to them.

  2. Love the little joke at the end! It's true, they always look old-fashioned and timeless. Love the steam train pic :)

  3. I love the train one. How did you get the last one?

  4. Stunning photos.

  5. Wow I love these and yes there are always signs, even if you don't see them at first, to tell you the era the images are from!

  6. Oh yes no thought about that, how black and white photographs can appear timeliness. These are absolutely lovely

  7. What a brilliant collection of images, the road sign in the last one made me laugh though


  8. Ha, ha! So clever! I love these images and how much they make me stop, observe and really 'think' about the time and place they are taken!

  9. These are great shots and could be taken anytime at all. I have to agree with you about black and white shots. I took one of two old cars parked together and it could have been from 40 years ago.


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