Thursday, 14 May 2015

Bluebells and Other Bells ...


I set out to take photographs of the bluebells in the local churchyard this week and completely accidentally pissed off the bell ringer at the same time ... 

Man, appearing as if from nowhere: Did you hear the bells?

Me, sat in a patch of bluebells with a camera: Bells?

Man, with annoyance: The bells! The bells!

Me, looking surreptitiously at Man's back for a hump because, well, Disney: 'Bells?

Man, with exasperation: The BELLS!... I've been ringing them for the last two hours.

Me: Ah, no sorry. I've not been here very long.

Man: TWO HOURS OF .....   He then gave an extremely lengthy, time-consuming, complicated list of exotic sounding bell ringing terms, complete with accompanying actions.

At least, I hope they were bell-ringing terms.

Me, apologetically, politely, if not entirely sincerely: Oh, I am sorry I missed that.

Man, suddenly hopeful: Would you like to come and see the bells? You can see them now if you want. I can take you to see them. I'll show you them. They're very interesting.

But frankly there is only so many bells a girl can take in one day so, rather feebly, I made my excuses and left. Quickly.


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