Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Gallery ... Macro

I'm joining in with The Gallery this week and the theme is Macro ...

I adore macro shots, it's one of the major requirements I look for when I buy a new camera. I particularly like taking macro shots in the garden where you can capture the floral glory without also getting a shot of the encroaching mass of weeds that make up most of the garden. It is a mere detail that I would have plenty of time to tame the weeds, if only I wasn't so busy taking photos *sigh*...


Forget Me Not
Strawberry Flower
Strawberry flower after the rain

 But sometimes you can capture a bit more than you expected. Gardens can be a hotbed of all kinds of  activity...

Copulating Ladybirds

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery
 This is my entry for The Gallery 

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  1. Well I certainly wasn't expecting THAT!
    There you go, proving the exact point I was making in my own post - my macro photos are OK, everyone else's are so much better!


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