Monday, 13 July 2015

And Then I Saw Craig Charles ...

Having recently lost my Comic Con virginity in a quest to meet Red Dwarf's second technician Rimmer and series III mechanoid Kryten, when I heard Craig Charles aka Lister was going to be at Wakefield's Unity Works with his Funk & Soul Review nothing, but nothing, was going to keep me away...

Unity Works

Thankfully after braving the Comic Con crowds to meet Chris Barrie, the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Review was definitely more my scene. Loud music, dancing, flashing lights, a disco ball, a bar and Lister throwing a party, what's not to love?

Craig Charles

And although I didn't exchange any actual words with Craig Charles, I did get to stand very close to him while he kissed the person next to me. Which was nice. But when Lister tells you to party...

Craig Charles
When Lister tells you to party, you party. Fact hard.

... you party.

So I partied. Until three in the morning.

*Proud 50 year old face*

I wonder where Danny John Jules is this weekend....

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