Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Play and Learn; Slimy Factory. Science4you Review

When The Boy walks out of the school door on the last day of summer term, he resolves to do nothing educational at all during the summer holidays if he can absolutely avoid it. It's not that he dislikes learning, but he's nine years old and summer means playing, not learning.

Or so he thought.

Slimy Factory Science4youThis summer we were lucky enough to be asked to review the Slimy Factory from Science4you, the toy company that combines fun with learning in a range of scientific and educational toys.

The Slimy Factory kit, designed for children in Key Stage 2, is aimed at developing new skills and abilities as well as encouraging experimentation. For The Boy though, first and foremost, it was fun.

The Science4you Slimy Factory creates all kinds of ooze and slime, monsters, medusa and worms as well as silly, sticky balls.

Silly sticky ball in production
Our silly sticky ball in production.
There is also a series of recipes for homemade play dough, The Boy has always loved play dough and so he absolutely had to have a go at making his own using the instructions from the kit and some supplies from the kitchen cupboard.

Making play dough
Making play dough
Playing with play dough
Experimenting with play dough
I liked that The Boy could pick and choose which experiment he wanted to try and, with only a little supervision, carry them through to their conclusion. There's also enough experiments and ideas to explore that the kit will be used again and again.

Science4you's Slimy Factory is clearly a well thought out and put together kit with goggles and gloves, test tubes, beakers and bottles that gives it the feel of a grown up chemistry set and, fittingly, The Boy the look of a mad scientist.

Inside the Slimy Factory box The kit also contains a 36 page booklet of instructions, experiments (with levels of difficulty clearly marked) and plenty of information on the basic science concepts behind the experiments, fascinating to both children and adults alike. Particularly if you were one of those adults who preferred to draw love hearts on your jotter rather than listen in science class.
Yeah, sorry about that Dr Reason. *Blush*

Slimy Factory is part of a range of scientific and educational toys suitable for Key Stage 2 and linked to the science curriculum to supplement and support school learning from Science4you and costs just £19.99. Not bad for a box that will keep your little scientist entertained for hours.

My little mad scientist
A scientist is born.

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