Tuesday, 8 September 2015

School versus Skirt..

Schools go to extraordinary lengths to enforce uniform policies. In the news only this week a pupil was sent home for having trousers the wrong shade of black  while in Ireland, Breda Academy's strict new uniform policy has caused such uproar among parents, 250 of them joined a Facebook protest page within hours.

The Teen's school adopted an equally strict uniform policy when it changed to an Academy several years ago but still, it appears, it's not been strict enough because this year the uniform (for girls at least) was changed yet again.

Previously girls were given the choice of wearing trousers or one of two styles of skirt: a boxy pleated number (which I have been repeatedly assured any right minded teen wouldn't be seen dead in) or a pencil skirt. The pencil skirt rapidly found favour with the majority of girls, mainly because they could be eye-wateringly short or made so with some judicious rolling over at the waistband.

School Skirt
The Skirt 
The Academy not to be thwarted in their pursuit of perfectly uniform pupils has clearly got wise to such small teen rebelliousness and have introduced a new style of skirt altogether. Insisting that from this September only this new skirt, from the approved school supplier obviously (at the cost of £17.99, mind), would be acceptable.

The new skirt is, at best, non-descript: It has two pockets, and two pleats on both the front and back, it has a couple of buttons and it hangs like, well it just hangs. But worse of all, the true tragedy for every teen girl in the school, is the cunning addition of yet another school logo, to be noticeable at all times, on the waistband so that the skirt can never be rolled over at the top to mini proportions.

Not only are all the girls (over a thousand of them, which is a lot of £17.99s by the way) to wear the new skirt, the skirt should be of an 'appropriate length' (unspecified) and 'size' (also unspecified).

"Any girl wearing a skirt which is ill-fitting or too short will be dealt with according to our behaviour policy," reads the 'polite reminder' letter sent to parents at the end of the last academic year leaving no one in any doubt that the introduction of the new skirt is an attempt to thwart teenage girls exposing their thighs to public scrutiny. As a keen supporter of equality, I look forward with interest to the introduction of the full length sports shorts for the boys.

Polite Notice
Disclaimer: It's not us, it's you.
Meanwhile, at the local approved school uniform shop, assistants spent the summer sucking their teeth in and looking doubtful, like nicely dressed garage mechanics, while judging how long is long enough to meet the (unspecified) length required by the Academy. Though the disclaimer by the till wasn't exactly encouraging.

The Teen is, of course, wearing the new skirt. Being tall and slim, she now has a skirt that's far too big on the waist but, if she pulls it down her hips a bit (which she can because it's too big) just to where it is most annoying and uncomfortable, is the right length on her legs. Probably.

So far, several days into term, and no one has come round with a tape measure but I suspect it's only a matter of time. Found guilty and there's a good chance any skirt offender's detention will be spent writing out: 'Short skirts make me a bad person' a 100 times. But really, is that the message we should be putting across to the young women (and men) of tomorrow? Really?

Unsurprisingly when school finishes for the day the Teen, like her friends and every other 14 year old girl in that school and every school since schools began, hoicks her skirt up as soon as they get through the school gates anyway.

 *Rolls eyes* 

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  1. I'm a fan of strict school uniforms - despite the horrendous price. I like the uniformity it gives to the pupils and I like the lack of argument about what is and isn't suitable for school. I'd hate the American system where although there is no uniform the schools seem to decide on a whim if things are too bright, too short, too long...too ... whatever! I like a set of easy to follow rules. After all, the kids have time out of school to dress how they please, DD favours wearing a 'School Sucks' T shirt at the weekend..


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