Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Rebel, Rebel ..

A school should be an establishment of learning, not of correction. A place to inspire and lead, not cudgel and cow but someone, somewhere seems to be forgetting that.

I've ranted about the Teen's Academy's newly designed uniform skirts before. Skirts that have been designed and introduced purely in an attempt to stop girls from rolling their skirts up to shorten them.
Shall I just repeat that: They've taken special measures to make sure that the girls wear uniform skirts that aren't either 'ill-fitting or too short' (ill fitting meaning too tight obviously), just in case girls expose too much thigh.

The Teen's Academy is not the only school to be taking these measures. One school has introduced a truly hideous tartan knee length skirt more suited to Hyacinth Bucket. and others are insisting that all pupils, boys and girls, wear trousers instead to get rid of thighs altogether. Though heaven forbid if the trousers might be a bit on the tight side.

Predictably last week The Teen got detention because, despite the new skirt and the new rules. or maybe because of them, she had the dreaded skirt rolled up anyway. Just like the crowd of girls, each and everyone of which had their skirts rolled over at the top, that were with her. Though only my particular Teen was singled out for detention, presumably because everyone else had shorter legs.

When did this happen? When did we become so obsessed with covering over the thighs of our female children, because schoolgirls, aged 11 to 16, whatever you might like to think they are, are still children.

Like the saying boys will be boys (used, it seems to me, as an excuse or reason for anything from farting to fights in the playground), girls will be girls, and girls will roll their skirts up.

Girls will also plaster themselves with more make-up than Boots, do inexplicable things with their eyebrows and turn themselves orange. They'll think they look pretty damn good doing it too. They'll be wrong, but still.

Even if you put an extra logo on the waistband or dress them up like middle aged members of the WI, they will still be girls who want to be girls. Some of them even might break the rules just because those rules are there in the first place.

Perhaps if our young girls (and boys for that matter) weren't continually exposed to fully grown women twerking away in nothing more than a pair of glittery pants and a pointy bra and being lauded, applauded and rewarded for doing so, they might have less of a need to hoick their skirts up to their badly plucked eyebrows before presenting themselves to the world in the first place.

But maybe it's just less bother all round if we make our girls feel guilty about, embarrassed and ashamed of their own bodies instead.

Meanwhile The Teen - academically bright, studying for GCSEs, a gifted pianist, teaching herself Japanese in her spare time and not a natural rebel - has had her detention.

She went with her skirt rolled up.

So sod the thigh hiding despots, and hurrah.

skirt guidelines for teenagers

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  1. Brilliant, love her attitude! And yours, I'm with you, so totally ridiculous and the more they push, the more they'll want to walk around in hot pants 😆 but not all of them! Surely school should be about letting individuals flourish and grow, not about punishment for petty things?! Love your blog; over from Love 2 Blog!!


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