Friday, 20 November 2015

Street Photography

I'm always fond of a good Instagram hashtag and one of my favourites is #streetphotography, though the definition of what constitutes street photography can be confusing. Especially to some of the 'young ladies' who post on the Instagram hashtag apparently. 

So if street photography isn't just photos of streets (though it can be) or naked ladies (which it is some of the time on Instagram *rolls eyes*); what is it?

Street photography is capturing a scene as you go about the, preferably but not necessarily, urban world around you. It's not reportage (there's no story or meaning to it), it's not documentary (for much the same reasons). It's not landscape, it's not a portrait, it's just a scene that catches the eye .....


Or a moment caught. It's the everyday, alive, unposed, unscripted. sometimes unexpected and the subjects shot are often unaware they've been photographed at all ...


Yeah, sorry about that. *Cough*

Street photography doesn't necessarily require either an expensive camera or any technical skill, all the shots on this post for example were taken with an iPhone while I was out and about doing other things.

Street photography is all about looking around you, about seeing an opportunity, seeing the possibility and, of course, timing.

See you on the hashtag :)

Disclaimer: Other photo-sharing sites and smartphones are available.

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