Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Night Out with The Flying Scotsman

The arrival of The Flying Scotsman back on the tracks after a decade long restoration project caused much excitement at Quirky Kook Towers. 

The Boy has been fascinated with the locomotive since he first saw it during it's restoration at the National Railway Museum as a small boy and it's been a constant presence in his steam engine obsessed life ever since. We last caught up with it's progress when we visited the NRM to see it getting it's final touches before going on the rails last month.

So when we discovered The Flying Scotsman was about to end a week-long stint working on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway on the same day as we set off for a half term holiday in nearby Whitby, we had to track it down.

No, really. We had to, The Boy had threatened to leave home if we didn't and I wasn't entirely sure he was joking.

As it turned out, finding a steam engine on the vast expanse of the North Yorkshire Moors wasn't as difficult as it sounds. Turns out that quite a lot of people want to catch a glimpse of the legendary engine and congregate in crowds in suitable places where it can be seen chuffing through the countryside and then they wait. 

Stumbling across such a congregation as we headed over the moors and then we waited too. Eventually, magnificently, it arrived. A puff of smoke in the distance growing ever nearer, the chuff chuff of the engine on the track growing louder and louder as it neared before there it was. Chuffing, loudly, gloriously, past dwarfed in the equally glorious countryside...



Still. It wasn't enough for the Scotsman's biggest fan and so then off we set to the NYMR's Grosmont Station and waited for the locomotive to come in from it's last ride of the day before settling down for the night in the station's sheds.


And still that wasn't enough.

So off we set again all the way down George Stephenson's first ever horse-drawn railway tunnel to the aforementioned station sheds to say one last goodnight where, both to our surprise and delight, we got closer to the Flying Scotsman than The Boy (and The Man) could ever have wished for.


The Boy admiring every inch


Huge thanks to the crew of The Flying Scotsman and the staff and volunteers at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway for making one boy's holiday, the best holiday EVER

#YorkshireFamily with Yorkshire Tots


  1. Oh wow! How great that you got so close up. Your perseverance paid off! Glad the boy had such a great time & you really got some amazing photos. Thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily

  2. Looks like such a good time! I'm thinking of taking the kids on a steam railway this week, but it won't be the Flying Scotsman! x #yorkshirefamily

  3. What a great day out. I haven't though about just going to watch the trains at NYMR, but it sounds like a great way to get a different experience than being a passenger. So lucky to get so close to the flying scotsman as well. #YorkshireFamily


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