Saturday, 2 April 2016

Adventures on the North Yorkshire Moors - The Story of Beggar's Bridge, Glaisdale.

We spent some of the Easter holidays adventuring on the North Yorkshire Moors in pursuit of The Flying Scotsman, and while we were there we got to explore some of the picturesque villages dotted across the moors too.

We discovered Beggar's Bridge in Glaisdale which as well as being exceptionally pretty has, according to local legend, a thoroughly romantic history.

The story goes that during the late 16th century the poor son of a local sheep farmer called Tom Ferries fell in love with  Agnes Richardson, the daughter of one of Glaisdale's wealthy landowners who refused the pair consent to marry until Tom had made his own fortune.


Tom would walk from Egton to Glasidale to woo his love which meant getting across the River Esk to reach her, but on the day his orders arrived for him to join the English Fleet, the river was too swollen for him to cross and bid his love farewell.

So Tom went to sea; he helped to defeat the Spanish Armada and, later, sailed with Francis Drake to the West Indies to make his fortune from piracy. Returning to England, aged just 24 and rich from his adventures, he went back to Glaisdale and claimed Agnes for his bride.

The pair moved to Hull where Tom established a successful shipping company and subsquently became the Sheriff and Lord Mayor of the city.

Alice died in 1618 and Tom, bereft, commissioned the building of Beggar's Bridge in her native Glaisdale so that other young lovers would never be kept from each other as Tom and Agnes had been in their youth.



Of course when you come upon a bridge with a romantic history, there is only one thing to do.

Play Pooh Sticks of course....




  1. That bridge is beautiful, a perfect place to play pooh sticks! My kids play it on every bridge we come across!

  2. What a wonderfully romantic tale of the bridge, there is certainly some history there and it looks very beautiful. I hope you had a lovely break and saw the Flying Scotsman too. Thank you for linking up and sharing with me on #CountryKids.


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