Monday, 25 April 2016

Martin Parr, The Rhubarb Triangle and Other Stories at The Hepworth, Wakefield

Recently I've developed a passion for street photography taking shots of people about their everyday business and documenting the odd, the strange, the unusual or just the beautiful sights to be seen while I'm out and about. Sneakily I've been using my phone camera because well, it would just be too embarrassing to point a camera at someone in the street, wouldn't it?

Not for Martin Parr though. Martin Parr is arguably Britain's greatest living photographer, famous for documenting England's social classes in his work. Currently The Hepworth in Wakefield is hosting The Rhubarb Triangle and Other Stories, the largest exhibition of Parr's work in the UK since 2002. Over 300 of Parr's photographs from collections like The Last Resort (1983 - 85), Cost of Living (1989), Common Sense (1995 - 99) and, especially commissioned for the exhibition, The Rhubarb Triangle are on display at the gallery until June 12.


Part of Parr's The Rhubarb Triangle photo series



The Last Resort, photographs documenting the working classes enjoying leisure time in the seaside town of New Brighton, entirely changed the nature of documentary photography in the early 80s. Parr's work is raw, touching and mesmerising all at the same time, the subjects unposed, unscripted and sometimes unaware that they are being photographed at all. He captures moments of everyday, ordinary lives and makes them extraordinary,


Parr's work is, frankly, inspiring. Both The Boy, an aspiring photographer, and I immediately set to taking shots of people doing what people do before we had even left the gallery




So watch out for us when you're out and about, we might well be lurking around a corner with a couple of cameras.

*Apologises in advance* 

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