Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Eton Mess, A European Union Dessert


Take two old Etonians. Remove the heart from one and the backbone of the other.

Add a handful of Farage, pre-marinated in lager and false bonhomie.

Mix together with a Murdoch controlled media

Add chopped up sound-bites

Stir up fear and loathing

Sprinkle with casual racism.

Serve accompanied by lies and broken promises.

Sorry, there's no cream. Some fat cat whipped it.

I have despaired many, MANY times since the early hours of Friday morning when the EU referendum result was declared after the roller coaster horror of the vote count throughout the night.
As the Leave results began rolling in bigger, so much bigger, than expected it was clear the Referendum had become not about Europe, or our union with it. It wasn't really about sovereignty (whatever that is), or the economy, or even the future of the NHS either.

It was all about anger, hate and fear.

Anger, hate and fear whipped up and fanned by both the Leave and the Remain camps.

It has been the dirtiest of campaigns, a schoolyard fight between public schoolboys each of them claiming his is bigger than theirs. A campaign of bluster and fluff and insincerity. And there's been tragedy too; the murder of Jo Cox will always be inextricably linked to the referendum whether it was a cause or not.

In the end it looks like for all the cock-waving, no-one has anything worth showing anyway. Less than two hours after the Leave camp won, Farage was on live TV backtracking on a 'promise' that £350 million saved by UK leaving Europe would go straight to the NHS.

And that immigration thing? Oh, they wouldn't really be able to control that either.

But there really were people who voted firmly believing a vote for the Leave campaign was a vote to close the borders and pull down the shutters to immigrants, to refugees, to Muslims and to just about anybody who isn't white English for the past five generations. If the vote achieved anything it was to make those people believe it's perfectly acceptable to be racist.

David Cameron has thrown himself on his sword (not pork) with indecent haste having steered the country out of a union with Europe as well as prompting Scotland to begin the process of conscious uncoupling with the not-so United Kingdom. "It's not us," they said, "It's you."

"It's you, not us" said the Labour party turning on Jeremy Corbyn instead of the Tories who orchestrated the entire debacle, because what you really need when the political classes are being exposed as careerists, liars, frauds, and incompetents is to get rid of the one person trying to forge a new, less grandstanding, less self-centred, kind of politics. The kind of politics which might make things a little better for real people, not Murdoch and his cardboard cut-out cronies but still, what do I know, I'm not a Labour MP.

At least, not yet.

And the 'winners'? Well, Nigel Farage gleefully went and roundly insulted the European parliament in person, Boris played cricket, and everyone else wondered what the fuck to do next.

They're still wondering.

Meanwhile, hate crime and racist attacks have gone up, we're the laughing stock of Europe, for not just our politics but also our football, and nobody is really in control of anything or likely to be for quite some time.

Well played, England, well played

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  1. I could not agree more and your recipe analogy s PERFECT. It is just such as (Eton inspired) MESS. Although in fairness I would change your last line to > Well played politicians.


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