Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Favourite Photos of 2016

My annual photographs seem to come up with much the same subject matter year after year. There'll be shots of the family, but they get increasingly less and less as the children grow older and don't so much pose anymore as run away screaming.

There's usually photos of Whitby, and photos of steam engines, and photos of steam engines in Whitby. There is, very probably, photos of sheep, for no other reason than on days out in the Yorkshire countryside, the least unwelcoming being you'll meet is probably a sheep.*

Nevertheless do not be deterred, here are my favourite photographs of 2016...

Whitby Abbey picture postcard

Yes, it's Whitby and a couple of obvious scenic shots.

Whitby West Cliff

Whitby again, but possibly a little less obvious shot of the tea stand and Fish Market on the harbour side.

Whitby Fish Market Whitby Harbour

And finally some unusual Whitby shots. First, a rare sighting of the gigantic seagull of old Whitby Town.....

Seagull Whitby Beach Perspective

And The Boy stomping through the streets of Whitby back to the holiday cottage after a day on the beach; damp, sandy and in his dad's t-shirt. A ten year old's idea of an awesome thing to do. Apparently.

Whitby streets

Obligatory steam engine shot...

Steam engine North Yorkshire Moors

And THE steam engine shot ... the Flying Scotsman chuffing across the North Yorkshire in March 2016.

The Flying Scotsman Steam engine on the North Yorkshire Moors

Some sheep...

Sheep Haworth Moor

Sheep Haworth Moor

Unusually though my very favourite photos of 2016 weren't of Whitby, or trains or sheep. They were both taken at Bolton Abbey and I love the first because it reminds me of a painting.

Bolton Abbey

The second is badly shot, out of focus, and of an unknown group of people or family walking across the famous Bolton Abbey stepping stones but, either despite all that or because of that, it's my number one photo of the year.

Bolton Abbey Stepping Stones

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