Monday, 6 February 2017

Love Where You Live: Wakefield, A Walk to the City Centre via Instagram

If you love Instagram, and who doesn't, you tend to take a lot of what you hope to be Instagram worthy shots going about your everyday life. Or at least I do, I also take photos of things I would never have considered taking before I discovered Instagram. Hence I have over years managed to amass enough random shots that I can virtually recreate the walk from home to the centre of Wakefield, via the medium of Instagram. And not just down the one route, but down both roads that run parallel with each other and lead to the city centre from home.

Obviously, it would be extraordinarily remiss of me not to share such a journey particularly as it's taken a good three days just to find the photos on my hard drive and so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you my walk into Wakefield, you can hover over photos for a description

All photographs were taken on different times, different days, different seasons, different years, in different weathers, from different directions, and with different angles.

Do not use as a map.

Snowy landscape

backstreets of Wakefield

Wakefield back streets

Traffic light crossing

Traffic crossing Leeds Road Wakefield

Leeds Road Wakefield

Snow Hill View Wakefield

Vote Labour

St Johns Mount Wakefield

St John's Mount from Bradford Road Wakefield

Belgravia Road from Bradford Road Wakefield

St John;s Avenue, Bradford Road, Wakefield

St John's Terrace and St John's Church from Leeds Rd Wakefield

St John's Terrace from Leeds Road Wakefield

St John's Terrace from Leeds Road Wakefield

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Leeds Road, Wakefield

Leeds Road, Wakefield

Clayton Hospital and War memorial Abandoned Bradford Road Wakefield

Clayton Hospital Bradford Road Wakefield

Clayton Hospital Bradford Road Wakefield

Clayton Hospital Leeds Road Wakefield

Wakefield Girls High School Bradford Road Wakefield

Wentworth Terrace from Bradford Road, Wakefield

Wentworth Terrace from Leeds Road, Wakefield

Former Birth Centre Leeds Road Wakefield

Wakefield College, Bradford Road, Wakefield

Part of County Hall Wakefield

County Hall and Wakefield One, Wakefield

County Hall, Wakefield

The door of County Hall, Wakefield

Former Crown Court and Police Station and the Town Hall, Wood Street, Wakefield

Former police station Wood Street Wakefield

Playing on the steps of the Police Station Wood Street Wakefield

Wakefield Crown Court undergoing renovations

Wakefield Register Office, Northgate

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh being interviewed on Northgate

Bunting Gills Yard Northgate Wakefield

Wood Street Wakefield

Cross Square Wakefield

Marmalade Cross Square Wakefield

The Bullring Wakefield

The Bullring Wakefield

Working in The Bullring Wakefield

Fountain Bullring Wakefield

Fountain The Bullring Wakefield with extra added bubbles

Playing in the fountain, The Bullring, Wakefield

Playing in the fountain, The Bullring, Wakefield

The door Wakefield Cathedral Northgate Wakefield

Wakefield Cathedral, Kirkgate, Wakefield

Wakefield precinct, Kirkgate

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