Thursday, 31 January 2019

Hello 2019 ...

... And hello to you too. I've had quite a (very) lengthy break from blogging while real life got in the way but I'm back. Hurrah.

So, to recap, I am, and always have been, a writer and journalist. I'm also a mother of four and large parts of this blog over the years have been dedicated to the trials and tribulations of that particular role in life.

These days though, the twins, erstwhile stars of  The Prom Diaries, are 23 and forging their own successful careers having both graduated from university. Twin 1 even had the audacity to get an MA as well.

Daughter3 is within months of sitting her A levels, and The Boy is no longer small. Tonight we filled in the form selecting the GCSEs he will start studying for in September. In April, he will be thirteen years old.

So in future, I might not be writing about parenting.* Been there, done that. Some of it more than once, but should that stop me blogging? I thought it might but, hell no. I've stuff to say, even if it is into a void....

Meanwhile I've made a calendar for how 2019 feels. You're welcome ......

Calendar 2019

*I might

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